About Me

In 2014 I began to paint with a goal to spread self empowerment. I have no formal training. Within a year I was displaying and selling my art worldwide. In 2015 I shifted my career from a Critical Care RN to an RN that focused on Mental Health. The population I serve is at risk and suicidal children ages 4-18. My work is primarily painting, drawing, and photography. Often to writing script, poems or songs that tell the images story. My art led me to make a positive influence to my viewers. Each word, each brushstroke has my effort, my energy, and my wish to unveil goodness. Promoting others search deep inside and find their best self. Start today. believing in you and your unique beauty! I have had my art displayed in galleries in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Art for global change online, and Internationally in St Luica, Gallerium and Artonish I participate in many local art festivals including The Irish Festival, Art Westport, and First Fridays. Presently I have over 6000 followers. Soon, I will be releasing my book called “A Space Between the Sound” through Amazon Join me in discovering you. Believe in your unique ability to grow into better person today than yesterday. We all have a purpose. Embrace love, hope, equality, forgiveness etc (all that is good).